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Time is Now for Spring Cleaning Your Home!

March 18th, 2009 8:09 AM by Jason Compton

Time is now for spring cleaning

- McClatchy Newspapers  

Spring is in the air. It's time to forget about that snow you scraped from the windshield earlier in the week. Let's move forward and think about warmer days, flowers peeking up from the soil and spring-cleaning. Yes, that wonderful rite of passage from the winter blahs to ooh la la. Here are some tips to get your home sparkling for the bright sunshiny days to come.

Doormats. Give them some love in the form of a good sweeping and washing. Just think of how many times you've wiped your feet on them this winter alone.

Windows. Clean them with Windex and old newspaper, or you can try making your own solution of one part white vinegar and one part hot water and putting it in a spray bottle. Choose a time when the sun is not shining directly on windows to avoid streaking.

Dusting. Dust your entire home, including hard-to-reach places like the tops of the refrigerator, ceiling fans and window casings. While you're at it, dust your books and shelves by taking everything off and wiping each book with a soft cloth. Always work from the top of the room down.

Clean carpets and upholstery. This can be as simple as vacuuming the carpet and walking the sofa cushions outside and gently beating them. But if there are stains, you should deep-clean them with a carpet shampooer. Make sure you check the care labels to avoid discoloration.

Give the walls a bath. They may not look dirty, but dust and other grime are probably there and should be wiped away at least once a year. Use a sponge and a simple solution of water and dishwashing detergent to wipe down the wall in sections. Use a sponge mop to reach higher spots.

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Posted by Jason Compton on March 18th, 2009 8:09 AM



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